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New HLBI Series with RIT tyres from ALEX Castors & Wheels

New HLBI Series with RIT tyres from ALEX Castors & Wheels
With 4 and 6 ply tyres

Alex Castors & Wheels presents its new HLBI series with RIT tyres. This castor incorporates a very resistant pressed steel bracket of 8mm thickness which, combined with its ball bearings, its large diameter wheel (400mm) and its 6 ply tyre make the HLBI Series with RIT tyres capable of handling heavy duty loads (up to 300 kg) on difficult surfaces with a remarkably smooth performance.


Additionally, its black painted bracket and white metal wheel afford this castor a good looking and pleasing aesthetic appearance. All these features make the HLBI series with RIT pneumatic tyres especially recommended for use in delivery trucks, trailers, warehouse carts and platforms.


The HLBI series with RIT tyres is manufactured following strict processes set down by ISO 9001:2000 quality procedures. In addition to the HLBI series with RIT tyres, Alex Castors & Wheels has available a wide range of pneumatic tyres for institutional indoor use and for all types of industrial carts and trucks.