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Productivity and Automation

At ALEX we manufacture thousands of castors or wheels in long and short production runs and one-off projects. We can only achieve this level of flexibility by employing highly automated production methods and machinery.

Production capacity makes us effi cient at handling orders and we strike the ideal balance between quality, price and delivery times. Our flexibility and speed of reaction are features of our production process and allow us to handle large orders in a timely manner, thus satisfying the needs of even our most demanding customers.

ALEX is structured as follows:

- Two factories for the manufacture of wheels and castors located in Rubí and Martorell (3,000m² and 4,000m² respectively) in the industrial belt near Barcelona.

- State-of-the-art logistics centre equipped with the latest in storage and distribution systems in Sant Andreu de la Barca close to Barcelona.

Head Office (700m²) is located alongside the logistics centre.