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The choice of fitting depends on the device to which it will be attached and the use to which the wheel or castor is to be put: home, industrial transport, heavy loads, office furniture, scaffolding, shelving, hospital, etc.

Fitting 1
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Fitting 4
Fixing Plates

Screw-on plates are the ideal fitting for flatbottomed trolleys or appliances. They can be used in both light and heavy duty, and industrial applications. Standard plate sizes are proporcional to wheels diameters. Wheel diameters of 80 and 100m have generally hole distances of 80 x 60mm. Hole spacing is 105 x 80 mm for diameters of 125 mm and over . We can also suply larger sizes for extra heavy duty uses.

Fitting 5Fitting 6
Bolt hole:

This fitting has a threaded centre hole on to screw on to the trolley or appliance. The thread is usually between M8 and M12.
Standard use of this type of fitting is for low load capacities. They are very
easy to mount.

Steel Plug-in Stem
Steel Plug-in Stem:

The stem is fitted directly into the socket in the tube with a fastener and is used for light-duty applications: clothes racks, showcases, TV Stands, etc.
We supply a large range of plastic fasteners, both circular and rectangular for different tubes.

Bolt with circlip
Bolt with circlip:

The steel stem is fitted directly into the tube and the circlip holds it in place. They are especially easy to mount and are used mainly in office chairs.

Plug-in Pin Fitting for Scaffolding
Plug-in Pin Fitting for Scaffolding:

The scaffolding is fitted over the plug on the castor and fastened using a locknut.

Solid Stem Fitting
Solid Stem Fitting:

Scaffolding is fitted over the stem and fastened with a pin.

Threadded Stem
Threadded Stem:

The stem is screwed into tube and held in place with a locking nut. Along with fixing plates this fitting is widely used in domestic applications.

Plastic Expanders
Plastic Expanders:

This fitting consists of a cylindrical screw with hexagonal socket, two conical elements and an expanding plastic wedge. When screwing in the bolt the wedge is expanded and firmly pressed against the inner tube wall. Main applications are hospitals and institutional uses.

Grooved AngleGrooved Angle
Grooved Angle:

This fitting is specially designed for modular shelving. Available in 3 different diameters: 40, 60 and 80mm.