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Manufacturer's Product Liability

The liability of manufacturers for their products is set out in book III of Spanish Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November regarding damages caused by product (adaptation to Spanish law of Council Directive 95/374/EEC of 25 July 1985).

With regard to castors, the following information must be taken into account.
Failure to abide by the following shall release the manufacturer from all liability.

1. Information regarding the product and proper use.

Castors are replaceable components mounted on to devices to make them mobile. This mobility is always passive.
Their proper use includes mounting the castors as follows:

A) The castors should be firmly affixed to the device at the indicated points.
B) The device should be sufficiently resistant at said points.
C) The way the castor is mounted on the device should not affect the operation of the castor.
D) Swivel castors must be mounted with their swivel axles in a vertical position.
E) Fixed castors should be mounted with the axles of the wheels perfectly aligned with one another.
F) Only swivel castors of the same type may be mounted on the same device.

2. Improper use

The following represent improper use of the castors:

A) The castors are subjected to loads heavier than the maximum loads indicated in the catalogue.
B) They are used on inappropriate and irregular surfaces.
C) They are used at very high or low ambient temperatures.
D) The device is moved forcefully or violently with the castors in the lock position.
E) They are subjected to excess force due to falls or impacts.
F) Foreign bodies penetrate the wheel tread.
G) The castors are used at excessively high speeds.
H) Modifications or changes are made to the castors without the prior, written consent of the manufacturer.

3. Product performance

The wheels and castors are designed for optimum performance under the European standards described in chapters EN 12526 to EN 12531, both inclusive, as prepared by the EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF MATERIALS

4. Product maintenance

The castors should be subject to the following regular maintenance activities:

A)Lubrication of bearings
B)Readjustment of soluble joints

The castors should always be cleaned with non-corrosive products.
If the castors do not perform at an optimal level after maintenance, they should be replaced.

5. Information and Training-Related Obligations

In order to guarantee that the castors function properly, dealers must abide by this product information and provide it to the end user.

6. Recommendations

A) As part of our commitment to the constant development and improvement
of our products, ALEX reserves the right to change this catalogue without prior notice.

B) All of the specifications and recommendations provided in this catalogue
are for your information only, and you should always carry out a site test to verify the performance of the castors in the specific working conditions and the specific intended uses.

C) The load capacities given in this catalogue are general recommendations.
They may vary depending on the type of work and the working conditions. The load capacities are recommendations based on ideal conditions.

D) If this catalogue does not contain the size or model you are looking for, get in touch with us. We are manufacturers.