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New castors


At Alex Castors & Wheels we like to innovate and market new castors to meet the needs of our customers.

Here you will find the main new products we have just launched into the market.



For Heavy Duty: 

HLS Series :



 For Industrial transport:


TV Series with HUAB wheel:


 ZV Series with Grey PS:


 ZV Series with PGZ:




 Stainless Steel:


ZVI Series with Grey PS:



ZVI Series with PGZ:





For institutional use, furniture and decoration:


HP Series for decoration:


MM Series for supermarket trolleys:


BD Series furniture castors:




 Pneumatic Tyres:


Pneumatic HLBI Series tyre


 Pneumatic RIT6 tyre:






Grey rubber PGZ, PGI and PS wheels:


Blue polyurethane PUA wheel:



Polyurethane HUAB wheel with rounded edges:




And all the brand new products of our low cost Twin Lex series: